I want to introduce the school to other people


Japanese people are usually busy working. It's been 7 months since I came to Japan and I still have that impression of Japanese people.

I am a member of a Japanese company in Thailand and I came to Japan to study Japanese language for the company training program. So, I was surprised by the difference between the atmosphere in Thailand and in Japan. Some people in Thailand are busy but everyone is busy in Japan. The life whereby you have to fit in the crowded morning train and work intensely seem to be normal.

I think that Japanese people who work so hard are wonderful. Not only Japanese hard workers but also my teachers are great. They are kind, patient, and work hard to explain what I don't understand over and over again. I am very impressed by how they explain the point. They are really hard workers. My Japanese has improved, so I can answer in interviews because of them.

My boss is a German and he is also an ARC graduate. He said that ARC is very good, so I am studying here now. After studying for another year I will have to go back to Thailand but I want to introduce the school to other people.