Drama style lesson


I visited Japan a year and half ago. A week before I went home I met and fell in love with a Japanese person. And, I came back to Japan half a year ago to get married with the love of my life.

Therefore, I didn't really know anything about Japan. When I was in Uzbekistan, I thought that because Japan is a country that still has rich traditional cultures, there will only be temples all over the place. When I actually live here, there are skyscrapers in rows everywhere in the city and downtown areas and the houses are full with hi-tech electronic appliances. I feel like I'm living in a futuristic city in the movies. I am very surprised.

I am also impressed by Japanese people's kindness. When I still couldn't speak Japanese very well, transfer to other trains was very difficult but Japanese people always helped me out. Sometimes they would take me to my destiny even though it is different from where they are going and tried to explain the way to me very hard in tottering English.

So, after coming to Japan and studying at ARC for 4 months, I can use Japanese much better. My improvement is so fast because ARC's lesson programs are very fun. Drama style lessons leave especially strong impression. We made a small stage in the classroom and performed in a play without any script. It was not just reading scripts from the textbook, but we had to use the grammar and words that we had just learned to fit the situations in front of us in our own words. It was very fun to use the Japanese that I'd just learned to convey my own stories.