Curriculum customized for me


I have always been interested in Japan since when I was in middle school. I studied Japanese for 3 years when I was in the university in Venice. Actually, I also studied English and Portuguese at the same time, but for an Italian like me, Japanese is the most difficult compared to other languages. It is not that the grammar is difficult, but using Kanji is very hard. We write alphabets in Italian, other western languages are also similar in terms of the sound and the atmosphere of the words so I can understand them to a certain degree. However, when I tried to learn Japanese the same way as other languages, I got stuck. Even though I can make a sentence based on my understanding of the grammar, I couldn't understand any words. Japanese "Hiragana" maybe similar to Alphabets, but these are just the sounds of pictorial characters which is "Kanji". Therefore, Westerners like me who use alphabets and have no images of Kanji lack the training in imaging Kanji from listening to Hiragana. Therefore, when compared with Chinese who are still using Kanji and Koreans who had been using Kanji until modern days, I have a deep rooting difficulty in studying Japanese.

ARC designed a curriculum just for me to help with this problem. They keep the "international class" environment by mixing people from various countries, but also have intensive Kanji class and customized Kanji homework for us. In conclusion, ARC provides the best environment for westerners who came overseas to learn Japanese like me. Many teachers are still young and very passionate, so you can spend your time studying abroad meaningfully.