There is still civility in Japan

Li Yang

I want to study about Japan as a country that has been a developed country for a long time and accumulated management know-how. In China there is an increasing demand for Japanese speakers, which might be a result of increasing trade volume between China and Japan. People who are involved in business clerical work are trying to learn Japanese in order to expand their own business chance.

The development of the culture also attracts me. The towns are clean and people who walk amongst the streets are also beautiful. At first I did not understand the way Japanese people talk because it was too indirect, but I got used to it. Moreover, Japan still has much old civility which China is slowly forgetting. My neighbors are very kind and always lend a visitor in Japan like me a hand. Especially when compared with Chinese young people's situation now, Japanese people are very polite. Maybe this is because Japan is the furthest east country, so the culture can be easily preserved.

I think if you want to study in Japan, you should at least learn the language a little bit before you come here. Especially for Chinese people as we already understand the kanji, and once you can read and write Hiragana, you can have so much fun when you come to Japan. You will have a spurt of improvement in the beginning so it will go very fast.