ARC's teachers are very strict…

Fan Son He

In my case, I got my interest about Japan in England. When I was studying abroad in England, Japanese international students were very nice to me who was the only Korean student, and took me in without discrimination. They spoke in English so that I understood the conversations and their group demeanors were very sophisticated. It was very different from the Japanese people's image I was told in South Korea. Therefore, I fell in love with Japan and decided to study in Japan. As much as I came to Japan feeling excited, I was so disenchanted when I came to ARC. When Japanese people speak in Japanese, it is very different from when I communicated with them in English when I was in England. The Japanese mannerism is so strong when they speak their own language. I felt that even though they are very polite, it is very difficult to get them to open to me and I became very frustrated. The Koreans are impulsive, so I always expect a rich connection between people. I guess it was about 3 months after coming to Japan that I felt no motivation to study and I often skipped my homework.

At that time, I went back to South Korea for a little while. I thought about why I came to Japan and why I skipped so often now. Then when I came back to Japan, I turned myself around. I studied hard and graduated. Now I'm working in Japan. I think I got a culture shock and didn’t try to make Japanese friends. Why I didn’t do my homework and go to morning classes were also because it was easy to run away from difficulties. In my case, I reconfirmed my path by going back to my home country for a short time. However, people who will study Japanese language from now on should have "something" that you could reconfirm as your path. It is a long time that you will be here as a foreign student, so there will be many times you will want to make excuses and skip the class.

One thing I have to say is that "the teachers were very strict". They were mostly very strict and gave me a lot of homework. Therefore, the things studied at ARC were very useful to work in Japan.This is because the teachers were not only just strict, but also the lessons at ARC were very well designed. When you are in intermediate and advanced classes, there will be more practical and diversified format lessons. For example, you will participate in hands-on lessons called project work. Of course, at the time when your Japanese improved because of how strict the teachers are and the lessons will become more fun. I felt that "the teachers give a lot of thoughts on how to make us learn Japanese that can be used in actual Japanese society". ARC is rather strict and difficult, but for that part, you will not waste the money you used to come and study in Japan. Therefore, I would recommend ARC to you if you are serious about learning Japanese and live in Japan.