I want to pursue a cutting edge education in Japan

Ning Jikang

I'm studying at ARC so that I can pursue Electronic Information and study in a Japanese graduate school. I could not pursue Electronic Information study in China and my friends told me that if I wanted to do it, I should do it in Japan as it has the most cutting edge subjects here.
I had no idea about Japan before then. In China there is not much information about Japan. Therefore, when I first came to Japan I was surprised by the great learning environment. For example, I came from Shanghai and I recognized that the air in Japan is very clean. Japan's towns are developed and quiet which should be good for studying.

Before I came to Japan I studied Japanese in China for about 4 months. Studying at ARC is more effective than when I studied on my desk. And, there are many opportunities to have communications with teachers and other students in Japanese, so my Japanese skills improved rapidly. Extra curricular lessons are also very active. I thought the "Home Visit" lesson where we visited a normal Japanese family was very fun and meaningful that I registered for a second term.