I want to work in Japan at any cost

Wang Ko

My wife graduated from a Japanese graduate school and found work in Japan before I do. I came to Japan after my wife. Therefore, I knew Japan very well, and the more I know about Japan the more I want to work here.

I have learned how Japanese work hard by listening from my wife and working at a trading company with Japanese in China. There are many Japanese hard workers, such as people who have some meetings to prepare well and demonstrate great team work. I have wanted to learn this work technique.

I finally came to Japan and studied Japanese. There are two reasons why I chose ARC over many other schools.

The first reason is the convenient location. I live with my wife who works and I also work on part time jobs. ARC's location is much better than the others in that the school is situated in the location where I can commute without any stress. When I actually come here I understand that having the school in key transpiration area help eliminate commuting stress and is connected to learning enjoyment.

The second reason is that there is an class related to job hunting. I have a clear objective to find a job here, so I was very attracted to ARC's "job hunting support course". In fact, I asked for materials from many other schools but when I consider job hunting as the only objective, ARC's course is so perfect that there is no other choice at all. As the matter of fact, my current part-time job is at a company introduced by ARC, which shows that ARC has strong program regarding employment seeking. I don't know any information about other schools now, so I think it is better if you research and compare the information such as on the homepages by yourself.