Selecting a Japanese language school is like gambling

Ri Gi

Selecting a Japanese language school is like gambling. For international students, the most important and difficult thing is whether you can choose a Japanese language school which you can depend on. I think I got a jackpot on this one. The classroom is big and beautiful; the teachers are always passionate and help keep the class active. It is great to get a lot of chances to speak Japanese at school. Also, off-campus activities are also very fun. For example, all of us went to an aquarium together. At ARC, there are many extra curricular lessons. As I have never been to any other school, maybe they might be better than here, but this is like a gamble. You wouldn't be able to know this beforehand. Hahaha. Anyway, I am very satisfied with ARC. I only chose ARC because "the schools are close to the station" and "the homepage is easy to understand", but I really feel like I hit a jackpot so it's great.

I have to go back to China for a while for a personal reason but I will come back to Japan. I would really want to study at ARC again. After that I would like to work in Japan, too.