Coming to school while working


One day, I suddenly felt that I should study Japanese language because I am living in Japan. I feel Japanese is necessary for when I go out to drink and talk with my friends, do some sports on weekends, and for communication in general. I was introduced to ARC by a former colleague. My colleague studied in Ikebukuro campus and said that the lesson contents were great. What I feel when I actually take the course here is that the teachers' standard is very high, and not just the academic quality but also they are very passionate and amazing people.

I am actually taking both group and private lessons. Those lessens have different good points. In group lesson, there are friends and it is fun. On the other hand, private lesson is good in that it can be catered for you only and as it is a man-to-man format, you can speak more and it is very effective. Also, it's not a lesson, but the time when I went to home stay in Fukushima for total Japanese language learning program was the most fun. As I have a friend there I already went for about 15 times. It is such a great place. I would like to have trips in Japan and use Japanese language from now on.

However, other than in my private time on weekends, I don't really have a chance to use Japanese in my job. This makes it difficult for me to memorize the grammars and kanji that I've learned. Well, after all I'm living in Japan, I guess I will just have to make more opportunities to use the language. Also, honorific language is such a hassle. I don't really talk to anyone other than my friends, so when people in restaurant correspond in honorific language I'm always at a loss. There are many times when I don't understand the clerk's honorific language when I'm shopping.

I think ARC is a really good school. The curriculum also has flexibility, so you can study even when you are working like me. Let's study and improve little by little together everyday! Never give up!