I can concentrate more on studying

Nga (Vietnam) Study Abroad Course/Shinjuku

I managed to get a scholarship

Salvo (Italy) Study Abroad Course/Osaka

Classes on Japanese culture and modern society were very interesting

Marco (Italy) Business Japanese Class/Shibuya

Would you like to find a job in Japan?

Jay Lam (Hong Kong) Business Japanese Class/Shibuya

EJU Preparation Optional Lesson was very helpful

Cui Ziming (China) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya

I definitely recommend joining ARC Academy

Karina (Indonesia) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya

There were many laughs, power, and energy

Wang Juan (China) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya

Different from other schools I previously attended

Tania (Italy) Intensive Course/Shibuya

I have learned so much!

Vicki (Australia) Anime & Manga program/Shinjuku Ekimae

The place I want to go back to

Karolina (Poland) Fluent Japanese for Daily Life/Ikebukuro school

If it weren't for ARC...

Jacob (America) Business Japanese/Shibuya school

Trust your ARC teachers, study hard and you will be fine!

Yap (Malaysia) JLPT Preparation/Shibuya Ekimae school

I want to live in Japan forever.

Laurent (France) Intensive Course/Shinjuku Ekimae school

Unexpected trip to Japan
Wang Lee (China) Part-time Course
I should have come here 5 years ago
Caroline (Australia) Part-time Course
I want to introduce the school to other people
Drama style lesson
(Uzbekistan) Intensive Course/Yokohama school
Addicted to ARC
Yuen Hatori (China) Intensive Course /Yokohama school
Japanese people don't say "NO"
Kim Sun Oku (Korea) Intensive Course/Shibuya Ekimae school
Curriculum customized for me
Lala (Italy) Intensive Course/Shibuya Ekimae school
Eco-friendly country
Rocky (USA)Intensive Course/Shibuya Ekimae school
Let's make Japanese friends
Park Heeju (Korea) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya school
I am actually a Japanese

Maria Rita (Italy) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya school

There are still civility in Japan
Li Yang (China) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya school
ARC's teachers are very strict…
Fan Son He (Korea) Intensive Course/Shibuya school
I want to pursue the cutting edge education in Japan
Ning Jikang (China) Study Abroad Course /Shinjuku school
My perception quickly broadens
Wu Yihan (China) Study Abroad Course /Shinjuku school
To speak Japanese like a native
Kim Younyoung (Korea) Study Abroad Course /Shinjuku school
If you have fun you will be able to speak
Tony Tion (Australia) Study Abroad Course/Shibuya school
The tap water is delicious!
Ryu Shin Kou (China) Study Abroad Course/Shinjuku school
I want to work in Japan at any cost
Wang Ko (China) Study Abroad Course/Ikebukuro school
Selecting a Japanese language school is like gambling
Ri Gi (China) Study Abroad Course/Ikebukuro school
Learning Japanese for my daughter
Marie Bik (Philippines) Study Abroad Course/Ikebukuro school
Coming to school while working
Scott (Canada ) Private Lesson
ARC Academy is a school where you can meet people from all over the world
Liu Choufu (Korea) Study Abroad Course/Shinjuku school