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ARC Academy is a really valiant language school, ideal for everyone who wishes to learn Japanese efficiently, giving emphasis to speech, writing, comprehension of the text, pronunciation and listening. The teachers are always ready to give advices and clarifications to the students, regarding both Japanese language and everyday life. In order to do so, also a skilled English referent is always available.

L'ARC Academy è una validissima scuola di lingua, l'ideale per chiunque voglia veramente apprendere la lingua giapponese in tutte le sue sfumature: parlato, scritto, comprensione del testo, pronuncia ed ascolto. Gli insegnanti sono sempre molto disponibili a chiarire ogni dubbio ed aiutare gli studenti, sia nel loro percorso di apprendimento che nella vita di tutti i giorni, mettendo a disposizione anche un referente di lingua inglese.

Italy Alessandra, Italy (Study Abroad Course)

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Teachers are passionate and knowledgeable and in addition the school does not only teach Japanese language: with extra activities ARC Academy lets you know Japanese culture all-around. The school can even help you in finding a part-time Job! The right way to begin your future in Japan, for studying or working.

Gli insegnanti amano il loro lavoro e sono molto preparati e per di più la scuola non insegna solo il giapponese: con attività extra l'ARC Academy infatti ti permette di conoscere la cultura giapponese a tutto tondo. La scuola può anche aiutarti a trovare un lavoro part-time! Il modo giusto per iniziare il tuo futuro in Giappone, che sia per studio o lavoro

Alessandro, Italy (Study Abroad Course) Italy

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ARC is a great school to learn Japanese, with great central locations as well. Upon entering on day one, the entire staff of ARC is friendly and more than happy to help you with any problems. The teachers at ARC are skilled and do a great job teaching foreign students, especially early on. The school has superb resources to use with many opportunities to practice Japanese.

USA Brenn, USA (Study Abroad Course)

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I enjoyed studying at ARC Academy because the location is convenient and teachers are very attentive, passionate, and helpful. The teachers always keep the class active, and it is great to get a lot of chances to speak Japanese at school. I am very satisfied with ARC, and I feel my Japanese has improved dramatically for the last 5 months here. I would really want to study at ARC again, and I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking to learn Japanese here.

Sono molto soddisfatto di questa esperienza all arc accademy, i professori sono molto preparati e pronti ad aiutarti per qualsiasi domanda.
Le lezioni non sono mai noiose e ti permettono di studiare la lingua giapponese sotto ogni tipo di aspetto.In 5 mesi il mio giapponese è molto migliorato e  sicuramente ci ritornero di nuovo.Raccomando l ARC a chiunque abbia intenzione di studiare giapponese qui a tokyo.

Daniele, Italy (Study Abroad Course) Italy

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Office staff and teachers are willing to help at all times, no matter what: looking for a part-time job, supporting you with any issue you may have, and of course providing help concerning the study! It's an ideal place to be focused on the language studies, so progressing fast on learning Japanese just depends on yourself.

El personal de oficina y los profesores están dispuestos a ayudarte en todo momento, tanto para buscar trabajo a tiempo parcial, como para cualquier problema que tengas, ¡y por supuesto también cualquier duda con el estudio! Es un lugar ideal para estar concentrado en el estudio del idioma, así que sólo depende de uno mismo ser capaz de avanzar rápidamente con el japonés.

Spain Victor, Spain (Study Abroad Course)

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Arc Academy – is a school where discipline combines with attention and care from staff’s side. Program is quite intense that’s why non-attendance is not tolerated, but if your aim is learning or improving Japanese language – Arc Academy would be a good choice. All Teachers are friendly, patient and will do their best to make classes interesting and easy to understand.

Арк Академия – школа в которой дисциплина сочетается с вниманием и заботой со стороны персонала. Программа очень насыщенна, поэтому к пропускам толерантности не проявляют, но если Вашей целью является именно изучение языка, а не просто времяпровождение, то эта школа Вам подойдет. Учителя дружелюбны, терпеливы и приложат максимум усилий для того что бы процесс обучения был интересен и понятен.

Liubov, Russia (Study Abroad Course) Russia

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Arc Academy & Japanese = Your NEW LIFE !

Arc Akademi ile Japoncayi her yonu ile calisarak yeni bir hayat'a adim atin !

Turkey Fati, Turkey (Study Abroad Course)

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The study at Arc is funny and satisfactory at the same time. Also, the teachers and the staff are very helpful with not only your studies but your daily life problems.

Arc'de ders çalışmak aynı zamanda hem eğlenceli hem de tatmin edici. Ayrıca, öğretmenler ve görevliler sadece eğitim konusunda değil, hayatta karşılaşabileceğiniz her türlü konuda çok yardımcı oluyorlar.

Doruk, Turkey (Study Abroad Course) Turkey

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When I came to Japan I was a little afraid, being away so far from home with almost no friends, but once the school term started I learned how to have a conversation in Japanese, in just a few month I could already speak and found so many friends. The lessons at ARC are really fun and you'll learn a lot ! The teachers are super professional and super friendly !

Als ich Anfangs nach Japan kam hatte ich etwas Angst, alleine in einem fremden Land ohne Freunde. Doch das änderte sich sobald der Unterricht anfing, nach nur kurzer Zeit konnte ich schon Konversationen führen und somit schnell Freunde finden. Der Unterricht macht Spass und ist stets spannend gestaltet, die Lehrer sind fachkompetend und super nett!

Germany Blanka, Germany (Study Abroad Course)

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I came to Japan because I truly love Japanese culture and also because I wanted to experience studying overseas. It's very difficult to explain in such few lines the good and the bad experiences that I had here. But, if I could choose again to come to Japan or not to come, I'm sure that I would make the same choice. Studying at ARC Academy, I could receive information about technical schools and about the scholarship that I receive now. Thanks to all, I managed to create the basis to my little future in Japan. Thank you so much ARC Academy.

Sono venuto qui in Giappone perche` ho una grande passione per la cultura di questo paese, sia perche` volevo fare un`esperienza di studio all`estero. E` difficile riassumere in due righe le cose sia positive, sia purtroppo negative che mi sono capitate. Se pero` potessi scegliere di nuovo di venire qui oppure no, di certo farei la stessa scelta che feci. Studiando all`ARC ho avuto la possibilita` di avere informazioni sulle scuole professionali e sulla borsa di studio che sto attualmente ricevendo. Grazie a tutto cio` sono riuscito a crearmi gli strumenti per creare il mio piccolo futuro qui. Grazie ARC.

Antonio, Italy (Study Abroad Course) Italy

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The environment and teachers of ARC Academy give a great opportunity to improve reading, speaking, writing and hearing Japanese. Regardless your aim is to continue studies or work in Japan or use Japanese in your own country, studying in ARC Academy makes you a master of Japanese.

Finland Virpi, Finland (Study Abroad Course)

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The instructors and staffs here are really supportive. And classes are intellectually stimulating. While studying here, I not only have opportunities to converse in Japanese but also enjoy sharing/exchanging experiences and thoughts with others in this multicultural environment.

Ching Ching, Taiwan (Study Abroad Course) Taiwan

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ARC Academy’s teachers are very friendly and teaching experience. When I have a problem finding a job or others, they are very helpful to help me to solve the problem. At ARC Academy, I have learned about Japanese culture, and have had chances to communicate with Japanese people.

Cikgu-cikgu di Arc Academy sangat baik dan berpengalaman. Mereka bukan sahaja membantu saya setakat pelajaran,mereka juga membantu saya apabila saya menghadapi masalah lain seperti pekerjaan sambilan. Di Arc Academy, saya bukan sahaja dapat belajar bahasa jepun, malah dapat memahami budaya jepun dan berpeluang untuk berkenalan dengan orang jepun.

Malaysia Yam, Malaysia (Study Abroad Course)

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ARC Academy is a really wonderful school. It has fantastic teachers and friendly staff who are really supportive. If you put in the effort, your Japanese will definitely improve and you also have a lot of fun learning! You get to meet interesting people from all around the globe and you make life-long connections. I couldn’t have picked a better school!

Stephie, Australia (Intensive Course) Australia

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A practical course that gets you speaking in Japanese immediately. I recommend studying at least one full term to have a basic conversation with Japanese people. The teachers are engaging and very kind! They don’t speak in English during class which at first may be daunting but definitely helps you become used to native Japanese way.

UK Ella, UK (Intensive Course)

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ARC Academy’s teachers have knowledge of curriculum and standards of school to ensure their language meets standard. Especially Takeuchi-sensei! She is a great teacher who is very engaging and holds the attention of students in all class. And she gave me confidence in myself to communicate with my classmates in Japanese.

Angel, Malaysia (Intensive Course) Malaysia

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My experience with ARC is very positive. You learn vocabulary and kanji at a high pace, but because the classes are fun, it is not too stressful. You need to do homework every day and you get scores for your work. I find this very helpful to continuously check my progress and understanding. I definitely recommend ARC Academy.

Meine Erfahrung ist sehr positiv. Man lernt sehr schnell neue Vokabeln und Kanjis, aber weil der Unterricht sehr interessant und lustig gestaltet ist, wird es nicht zu stressig. Man muss jeden Tag Hausaufgaben abgeben und bekommt diese bewertet.
Ich fand dieses sehr hilfreich um meinen eigenen Fortschritt überprüfen zu können.
Ich kann ARC Academy auf jeden Fall empfehlen.

Germany Daniel, Germany (Intensive Course)

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During this period, about 3 months almost, I’ve found this experience really useful to improve my Japanese language skills. What is also important is that the teaching which concern in a whole knowledge in listening, speaking and writing gave me more self-confidence with the language. I like it! And also the way how the teaches teach. Thank you!

Durante questo periodo, di circa 3 mesi, ho trovato questa esperienza veramente utile per migliorare le mie conoscenze sia linguistiche che culturali. Molto importante a mio parere è stata inoltre la capacità di insegnamento che si basa su una piena conoscenza delle abilità di ascolto, di conversazione e si scrittura, che mi ha conferito una maggiore sicurezza nella padronanza della lingua. È stata veramente una bella esperienza. Ringrazio inoltre il modo in cui gli insegnanti si sono posti nei miei confronti, veramente affabili.

Luca, Italy (Intensive Course) Italy

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Excellent teachers. Friendly, supportive staff. Convenient, nice facilities. Good pace and curriculum. Recommended.


USA Leslie, USA (Intensive Course)

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ARC Academy is a very good school to learn Japanese: teachers are kind and extremely professional at the same time. In only 1 month I could talk with my classmates and Japanese people about different topics.

ARC Academy è un’ottima scuola per imparare il giapponese: gli insegnanti sono gentili e molto preparati. In un mese solamente riuscivo a comunicare con i compagni di classe e con la gente su vari argomenti.

Marco, Italy (Study Abroad Course) Italy

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I enrolled in ARC’s course from Italy, and I think that the website is effective and simple to understand. The staff, from teachers to secretaries, is very qualified and always available for problems or questions. The lessons are designed to make the student proficient in all the aspects of the Japanese, from conversation to writing. If you want to learn or improve your Japanese and having fun at the same time, subscribe to ARC Academy!

Italy Claudia, Italy (Study Abroad Course)

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The staff and teachers are really helpful and friendly. Apart from study, they are willing to help in other things as well.


Cally, Malaysia (Study Abroad Course) Malaysia

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Thanks to ARC Academy’s teachers, we are learning Japanese very quickly in a good atmosphere and in such a way that after only 2 months and a half, I sometimes surprise myself thinking in Japanese. Looking at the metro or at the streets panels to watch out for kanji I can recognize is now a daily reflex. By improving so fast thanks to the teacher’s learning method, we take confidence in our new skills and having such nice classmates gives us opportunities to prove the effectivity of our classes by communicating and helping each other.

France Morgane, France (Study Abroad Course)

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ARC Academy offers a very immersive experience for learning Japanese. They have not only experienced teachers, but also an extensive collection of learning materials. However (as with anything) it is up to you to determine how quickly you learn. Language schools can not perform magic.

Jonathan, USA (Study Abroad Course) USA

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The teachers of ARC are very nice, always here if you have any question, Japanese-related or not, or if you need any kind of help or advice.


France Julien, France (Study Abroad Course)

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The teachers at ARC Academy really are fantastic. They make sure the information taught is relevant and easily understandable. If you need extra help, they absolutely make time for you. ARC Academy’s learning environment is also a positive, as its cozy atmosphere lends itself well to communication with classmates in Japanese.

Brett, America (Intensive Course) USA

student's voice

I can tell teachers at ARC Academy have been through an intense professional training. They use different methodologies in order to help us improve our language skills in the best way. I highly recommend ARC Academy.

Mexico Jesús, Mexico (Intensive Course)

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ARC Academy has a good and effective method of learning Japanese language. We can absorb the lessons quickly and precisely, because the teachers give us many examples of good Japanese language communication and provide opportunities for students to practice them in class.

ARC Academy mempunyai metode yang baik dan efektif dalam proses belajar bahasa Jepang. Sehingga kita dapat menyerap pelajaran dengan cepat dan tepat, karena guru memberi banyak contoh komunikasi bahasa Jepang yang baik dan memberi kesempatan kepada murid untuk mempraktekkannya di kelas.

Niken, Indonesia (Intensive Course) Indonesia

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The teachers are very nice and helpful. They don't just teach but also be the friends with the students, which gives me a lot of chance to know about the Japanese culture.

Hong Kong Jack, Hong Kong (Intensive Course)

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ARC Academy makes me feel I'm not the only foreigner in Japan anymore. Here, we can find nice friends who support each other on Japanese lessons, more chances to exercise the practical conversation in daily life. Staff are always warm welcoming and supportive. Applicable for the ones who want to study in a short period, quite useful.

Phetpimon, Thailand (Intensive Course) Thailand

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The teachers at ARC Academy are very well versed in teaching Japanese. They are also very courteous and fun which allows for a very good learning environment. They also provide many opportunities to communicate in Japanese, which is useful to quickly learn and master the language.

USA Brian, USA (Intensive Course)

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I started at ARC with absolutely no Japanese skills at all. Now, less than a year and a half later, I am immensely pleased with how far I have come in all aspects of Japanese, from writing to speaking fluidly. Additionally, the opportunity to study and chat with people from all over the world has been an incredible and eye-opening experience.

Zachary, USA (Intensive Course) USA

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ARC is a well-run language academy. The staff are very helpful and the teachers work hard for their students. I'm amazed at how much I've learned in two months.

USA Kiley, USA (Study Abroad Course)

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ARC has a systematic approach in teaching the language to foreigners. The contents are comprehensive as well - from pronunciation to writing to grammar and practical daily dialogue...all aspects are organized into an intensive course. The teachers are very friendly and dedicated. Classroom interactions and practices are also fun. Overall, it's a very enjoyable learning experience.

Felicia, Canada (Intensive Course) Canada

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ARC Academy is one of my first language school in abroad. I love to study with the family of ARC Academy. After coming here I can understand the value of studying kanji.

Bhutan Dorji Norbu, Bhutan (Intensive Course)

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I’m learning Japanese at university since 3 years. As it is very hard to learn a language without speaking it, I decided it was time to take lessons in Japan. I chose ARC Academy because I could start lessons even a month after the actual start of the Intensive course. So I spent the summer holidays at ARC Academy in Shibuya and I think I couldn’t have chosen better. The teachers are all very friendly. The lessons are well-structured and the teachers explained even the most difficult chapters very well, so that they were easy to understand, I think I never learned so fast as I did in the Intensive course. I feel I really improved my Japanese skills in these two months. If it would have been possible for me, I would have stayed longer. It was a great experience, I will always remember with pleasure.

Miriam, Germany (Intensive Course) Germany