A mix between strict and flexible student administration

Shibuya school


We are in charge of "student administration". We try to create an environment where students can live a well-rounded life in Japan and study without any worry. Our goals are for the students to have fun while studying Japanese and also for the parents and relatives who sent the students here to rest easy.

For example, one of our jobs is to get the students who stopped coming to school to start studying again. As the students need to live in Japan to study for a long time, during that period there will be people who lose sight of their goals. For example, by putting in energy into part-time jobs, many students will be drawn towards the job and forget their goal for coming to school. In such case, we will set counseling sessions with the students in order to get them to remember the goal for studying Japanese language, which brought them to Japan in the first place.

Alternatively, another important job is to prevent troubles that occur from students not knowing Japanese laws and regulations. For example, in Japan minors are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol. If they work in a pub and serve alcoholic drink to a minor, problems would arise as they would have "violated a law from ignorance". In times like this, we will of course protect the students after the problem has occurred and also try to prevent this kind of problem from happening by getting a good idea of what kind of part-time jobs the students are doing and give them accurate advices.

Before the problem gets more serious, it is important to prevent it in the early stage. In order to do this, teachers in charge and staff who meet the students everyday need to cooperate in a team, and work to grasp students' situations as soon as possible. At ARC, there are staff who can speak English, Chinese and Korean at every campus, so when students just get to Japan and cannot speak Japanese yet, they will be able to consult with them.
Also, by forming a team for student administration, the duties will be divided between the "strict persons who keep students in line" and "kind persons who students can come to consult with". This is what we think is the most ideal form of student administration which mixes between strict and flexible methods.