Excitement for knowledge is our driving force

Shinjuku school

When I was an exchange student in China, I was asked about Japanese by a Chinese but I could not answer the question. I was embarrassed that I did not understand my first language well. This experience made me want to teach Japanese language. Even though it was shocking at first, teaching Japanese has become what I enjoy more and more. We use first language so naturally, but actually it is difficult. And how to understand Japanese language rules are different depending on languages, such as Chinese, Korean, and English. I found that there are also different points to mistake depending on where students come from. It is very interesting little by little. I have had experiences as a teacher, and have deepen my understanding of Japanese. My command of Japanese has increased the number of "Got it" facial expressions from students. Seeing such expression is my most precious gift.

I think it is very wonderful that students deepen the understanding of their own national language by studying the Japanese language. Using Japanese language as a foreign language is one way to express language, so it is important to improve my skills to use the language. It is both my and ARC's thinking to not only teach the Japanese required for attaining qualifications or examinations, but also to cultivate the ability to use the language called Japanese in daily life and businesses. For that part, the teachers' job will not be completed just by following the steps in textbooks. They need to be responsive in an impromptu and flexible manner all the time, so it is very difficult to prepare beforehand. Even so, the excitement about knowledge that I get from interacting with students who speak various languages is such great fun that it makes this such a worthwhile job.

This might sound like an advertisement, but all ARC's teachers are very passionate about their jobs and also about learning. We continue to think about and work together to improve our teaching of the Japanese language. I think that any school would advertise about their teachers' quality. However, in the case of ARC, I am proud that the education level is very high because our teachers are especially passionate about studying. I feel confident to recommend courses at ARC to everyone from people who want to attend high quality beginner's lesson to people who have studied a little Japanese in their own countries but want proper answers to their academic questions.