Please come to Japan without being concerned

Shibuya Ekimae school

In intensive course, there are both students who live in Japan and plan to study for a long time and students who just came from overseas to study short-term. There are as many chances to meet new people as there are many good-byes. Therefore, as I'm thinking that I have become close to the students, the course is already ending, leaving me feeling rather lonely. Nevertheless, there are times when I accidentally meet our graduates in town and they would speak to me in Japanese. I get a very deep emotional feeling when I think that "even though they have graduated they are still using Japanese language in their lives".

Even if you have no idea what is the difference between Hiragana and Katakana, in a month's time you will be able to ask questions with some broken Japanese. In a period as short as 3 months, if you receive intensive training everyday, you will see that your improvement is very solid and clear.

I felt very happy when a student who lives with her Japanese husband become able to speak some Japanese, she told me shyly that "sometimes I watch Japanese drama with my husband". This is because the Japanese language that my teaching has quickly become useful in the student’s life. I have always liked to help people. I always call out to people in the city when I think that they are in trouble. Therefore, this job is really rewarding to me. I think there are many teachers and staff who feel the same way.

Students who have just arrived in Japan often feel nervous from the pressure of living in a different country. However, all of us will always try to be lively and uplifting, so please just think of it as you are just visiting Japan for fun. Let's have fun and experience the Japanese lanugage+life in Japan+Japanese traditional and the young people culture in this town of "Shibuya".