ARC's real strength exerted in lessons for the corporation

Shibuya Ekimae school

In private lessons and lessons for firms and public institution, flexibility is the most important. We have to respond to all client's needs, in that class size, lesson period and frequency, goal level for improvements and learning objectives will have to be taken into consideration when customizing the lessons. The important thing then is that we can prepare the most appropriate team of teachers as soon as possible. As ARC Academy is a big school, there is a great number of teachers registered with us. Also, we have joint Japanese language teacher training course and training system, which help us maintain the teacher's high quality. Therefore, we are available to satisfy students' many needs by placing teachers where appropriate.

We can respond to your needs about lesson programs in detail. For example, you may be able to read Japanese because of your mother tongue. However, you cannot speak very well and would like to improve speaking skills. On the other hand, you maybe very outgoing and can speak very well but have expressed yourself inappropriately terms towards Japanese people and made mistakes in business situations. You will need to improve your skills in Japanese language which includes cultural sensibility. We can also analyze your overall needs and present situations to come up with a clearer picture of your needs. In various circumstances like this, we can satisfy the client's diversified needs because of our "experience value". I personally have an experience working in manufacturing industry and also have taken charge of all sorts of lessons at ARC as a Japanese language teacher. Therefore, I have confidence in my experience to customize the lessons for you. Of course, it is not just my experience value, but it is the "experience value of ARC as Japanese language school" which has been accumulated over a long period of time that will be exerted here.

The direction at ARC to educate students by emphasizing communication skills and Japanese language operation skills have clear results in business situations and receive very good appraisals from our clients. This is because Japanese language taught for you for written exams will never be enough in real business situations.