Easy access close to the train station

All our schools are located in lively districts such as "Shinjuku" - center of Tokyo - or "Kyoto" - world renowned historic city. Each school is situated close to big hub stations which makes it easy to reach from different places.

It also makes it convenient for people who come to the school before/from work or find a part-time work near the school. In addition, these are in big cities, so it is also very easy to find a part-time job.

Enjoy Japan as you study

As our schools are in big cities, you can attend the school at the same time as enjoy sightseeing. You come all the way to study Japanese language in Japan, so feel "Japaneseness" in your everyday life, too. Traditional scenery and customs, sophisticated shopping streets, round-the-clock restaurants and entertainment facilities will help you make the most of your stay.

Full support from the staff

In order to ensure that you can study Japanese without any worries, we make sure that staff who can speak English, Chinese and Korean (and some other languages depending on the school) are available. Please consult with them if you have any problem, such as within your life in Japan, work and lessons scheduling, and of course, your study.