Emphasizing on your communication skills

Lessons at ARC emphasize "communication skills". No matter how much grammar and vocabulary you memorize, if you cannot use these in real life conversations. No matter which level you are at, we aim for you to be able to communicate in Japanese as best you can at your level. You can learn "functional Japanese" that can really be used in real life and at work.

The practical lessons will keep you motivated

The lessons at ARC are not the kind that you will be stuck with just holding the textbooks and writing in your notebooks. A great variety of stimulating extracurricular lessons and events are used, such as lessons that use films and novels as learning tools, lessons in the format of role playing, and Japanese school visits and speech contest. These will help maintaining your motivation to study Japanese.

A program for education advancement

ARC also help you to realize how to make use of Japanese language in your life. We offer graduate school course or courses to learn daily Japanese to suit different needs, and the percentage of students who go on to higher-education out of all the candidates is 100%.

This is not just a result of our high-quality lessons, but also from the strong cooperation between our team of teachers and staff who take care of the students.