The school where multi-national students come together

There are students from more than 40 countries at ARC. You can become friends with other students of different nationalities that you might meet for the first time from countries all over the world.

Since there are students of different mother tongues, the language used for communication will naturally be Japanese. This increases your opportunity to use Japanese and helps you improve your Japanese.

Contact with Japanese people

ARC also has a training course in teaching Japanese. You have a lot of opportunity to meet "budding teachers" who study here which gives you a lot of chances to use Japanese in real life conversations outside of classes.

International exchange events

Other than the periodically held international exchange events, there are also much participation in the local events such as futsal competitions and fashion shows. These do not only help you to learn the Japanese language, but also gives you a chance to widen your perspective and cultivate your international sensibility.