Links related to Japanese Language Education
International Japanese Education Center IJEC Provides information on Japanese language education conference and Japanese language teacher recruitment. Also provides part-time job information for foreign students.
The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language Academic conference on Japanese language education/organizing study club and teacher recruitment information.
Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education Provides guidelines for acceptance of students/foreign students by Japanese language institutions. You can also search for Japanese language institution accredited by the association.
Japan International Corporation Agency JICA JICA supports developing countries by accepting and dispatching human resources on programs such as Japan Overseas Corporation Volunteers and Senior overseas volunteers.
Plaza for International Corporation Here you can see the documents and information related to international corporation, starting from ODA (Official Development Assistant), NGO, and many international institutions. This is an information center that publicizes news on different international corporation topics.
Japan International Training Corporation Organization Conducts services such as on-the job training system for foreign workers.
Council of Local Authorities for International Relation CLAIR CLAIR promotes and supports the international exchange activities of Japanese local governments, performs research studies related to overseas local area stimulation strategy and promotes their internationalization process, and develops human resources who are able to meet the challenge of internationalization.
Association for Japanese Language Teaching AJALT Supports Japanese language education in local areas and provides information on Japanese language teachers' training and Japanese language study. Also conducts exchange events for Japanese and foreigners.
Japan Exchange Trade Organization JETRO Provides information on overseas situations and hold seminars for businessmen who are working on businesses with foreign firms.
National Institute for Japanese Language Conducts research and survey work on the Japanese language education as national and foreign language and provides the resulting information.
Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan Introduces networks, employment development, skills development, personnel training and seminars.
Japan Association of Personnel Ability Development Introduces information on qualifications and high quality courses with the purpose of corporate and industrial personnel skill development.
NIHON MURA Information on Japanese language education, international exchange and cooperation
ARC Academy Japanese teacher training course Training course for people who want to become Japanese language teachers
Japanese language teacher's pages Homepages which are useful for people involved in Japanese language education
Government Agencies
Foreign Ministry
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Ministry of Justice
Cultural Affairs Agency
Bonjinsha Search and order books related to Japanese language education.
Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institute Information Search engine for medical institutions within Tokyo
Hiragana Times Japanese-English bilingual magazines for you to learn more about Japan. There is also phonetics textbook.