At the Employment Support Section, we provide information on part-time jobs and support your job-hunting activities. In recent years, following the trend of globalization, we expect there to be more opportunities for people from other countries to demonstrate their abilities in Japan. Please feel free to consult us if you are interested.


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Employment Support Section was introduced in Foreign Student Times, a special supplement of The Japan Times. (PDF)

Part-time Jobs

We have a wide variety of part-time job offers to match everyone's Japanese language levels, so you can consult with us anytime. We not only separate the jobs into beginner's level, intermediate level and advanced level, but also give advice on part-time job rules and regulations in Japan, how to write a resume and have an interview.

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Support for Full-time Jobs

We support people who want to work in Japan to accumulate social experience, or seriously think about seeking employment in Japanese companies.

We mainly provide information on employment opportunities to students in advanced classes or business Japanese classes who are registered with our Employment Support Section. You will have chances to visit companies and be introduced to Japanese companies where you can gain practical work experience.

Job hunting activities in Japan can be very difficult for foreign nationalities. At the Job Hunting Support Section, we properly instruct you and give appropriate advice on working visas, job hunting, how to find companies, how to prepare resumes and work experience records, interview practice and so on.

We also visit numerous company recruitment fairs all through the year with students who are interested in finding employment in Japan.

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