• In Tokyo, housing accommodations are generally expensive and very small. The rent is especially expensive in convenient locations; many Japanese people also consider this cost and will live in far and inconvenient places.
  • In the Japanese system, it costs a lot to move to a new place (deposit money/key money). Please carefully choose the apartment so that you don't have to move many times.
  • Once you move, please submit your new address to the school. You will also need to update your address in the alien registration card and National Health Insurance.
  • Trash disposal system differs depending on residential area and apartment. Please ask the apartment manager and follow the trash disposal rules in Japan.
  • Transportation is convenient in Tokyo. It is, however, very crowded during the rush hours.
  • It is normal to take more than one hour to go to work or school.


Commuting to School

Toei Subway/Toei Bus

Student discount is applicable if you use Toei Subway or Toei Bus to come to school. People who are using Toei's transportation need to come to the reception to get certificate of school commute issued by the school. Student discount is not applicable to JR lines or private railways. Toei Subways include Asakusa Line, Toei Mita Line, Toei Shinjuku Line and Toei Oedo Line.


There is no parking space provided at the school.