Official Procedures you need to Follow Immediately After Coming to Japan

  • Register as foreign resident and always carry "Resident Card" with you.
  • You also need to subscribe to National Health Insurance.


Resident Card

  • "Resident Card" is your identification card.
  • Resident card is issued at major airports when you enter Japan.
  • Be sure to carry your resident card with you at all times.
  • When you change your residence, you must notify at the ward office (or city office) within 14 days.
  • You may be penalized for a fine if you do not carry it or fail to show it when asked.

National Health Insurance

All foreigners who plan to stay in Japan for more than one year must subscribe to the National Health Insurance. When you go to the hospitals because of sickness or injury, 70% of the fee will be paid by the insurance.

Students who subscribe to National Health Insurance are qualified to use International Student Kyosai System.

  • You can go through the procedure at the ward office (or city office). You need to bring your Resident Card for the process.
  • "Exemption system", which helps reduce insurance fee, is applicable to persons, students and foreigners with no income. Please inquire at the ward office (or city office) of the area that you live in.


  General Rates In the case that the person has no income in the previous year both home and abroad
Tokyo's 23 Wards

40,200 Yen per year

12,420 Yen per year

Kawasaki City,

49,300 Yen per year

14,730 Yen per year

Saitama City,

36,600 Yen per year

10,980 Yen per year

  • If the compensation from part-time job is high, the health insurance fee will increase.
  • You can apply at ward office, city office, and district office.
  • If you move and change address, it is necessary to transfer your health insurance at the ward office.
  • The confirmed amount of annual health insurance fee will be notified in July (the annual amount notified in April is a tentative amount). In April, when the billing statement of April, May and June's amount arrive, please quickly pay for it at the bank.


Opening a Bank Account

Since it is difficult to open a bank account right after you arrive in Japan, ARC Academy will introduce banks which are close to our school.
After you enter the school, the orientation gives you more details about it.