International Student Kyosai System

  • International Student Kyosai System applies to students who are registered to the National Health Insurance.
  • The registration can be done after you bring your National Health Insurance to school. When there is a change in your address or the validity of your insurance, please make sure to inform the school.
  • In case you go to the hospital for illness or injury, there will be a coverage of the copayment, which is the remaining amount after the deduction covered by the National Health Insurance.
  • However you will not receive the payment right away on the spot. Please bring the receipt promptly to reception. Make sure to write the name of the disease.
  • There are cases when you may not receive the coverage. (E.g. Dental treatment, chronic illness, injury or illness which took more than 6 months treatment, etc.)
  • 3,000JPY deductible per accident or illness.


Tuberculosis Check Up

ARC Academy conducts health check up for tuberculosis every year in accordance with healthcare standards.