Attaining Resident Status

  • In order to study in Japan for a long time, a student visa is necessary.
Obtaining a Student Visa and Entering Japan
Submit school entry application form and other necessary documents, and transfer screening fee.
Application via the WEB is also possible.
  (The school's Screening Process) In some cases we will conduct second screening.
Notification of the result of the school's internal screening
(The school => Immigration Bureau) Apply for the delivery of "Authorization of resident eligibility"

(Immigration Bureau=>The School) Delivery of "Authorization of resident eligibility"
Payment of school entry fee and lesson fee
  (The school => Applicants) Delivery of "Letter of acceptance" and "Authorization of resident eligibility"
Apply for visa at overseas Japanese Consulate
Arrival in Japan/School Entry


Changing the Time Period of Your Resident Status

  • The school will make collective applications for people who want to extend their student visas.
  • You cannot stay in Japan to study Japanese language for more than 2 years on a student visa.

Re-entry Permit

  • When you leave Japan while studying at ARC Academy, it is possible to reenter Japan under the Special Re-entry Permit System.
  • You can leave Japan only during the term holidays in principal. Please notify the school before leaving Japan.