• Speak only in Japanese to improve your Japanese.
  • Greet the receptionists when you come to the school every day and submit your student card. Please take it with you when you leave the school.
  • Please check where your classroom is, as your classroom might be changed.
  • Please do not be late or miss any class. If you have to be late or miss a class, please notify the school.
  • The school will issue completions certificates to people who have more than 80% attendance rate.



Please submit homework everyday because it will be a part of your evaluation.

Academic Report

We will give you an academic report at the closing ceremony. We will grade you from all the results of the homework, achievement exams, term exams and general ability and participation during the class.


1 lesson is 45 minutes and there are 4 lessons in 1 day.

Being Late for Class or Leaving Early

If you are not in class for up to 20 minutes, it will be counted as coming late or leaving early. Coming to class late (or leaving early) 3 times will be counted as 1 absence.
If you are over 20-minute late (or leave early), it will be considered an absence.