Homestay Introduced by ARC Academy

Company's Name
Homestay in JAPAN
(Nextage Co., Ltd.)

4,860 yen/night with breakfast and dinner
4,320 yen/night with breakfast
* Arrangement fee is also required.

Acceptable Period for Home Stay
1 night - 3 months
Age Limits
Not specified
Host Family
  • Registered mainly in the Kanto and Kansai area.
  • Household of people in the thirties to forties with experience abroad.
  • For example, households with kids studying in the West.
  • Family within one-hour from the school will be arranged.
Pick-up Service
Available but subject to extra charge.
Application Process
Please inquire for more information at ARC Academy.
Homestay Experience

This is my third time to come to Japan. This time, I’ve been staying with a Japanese family (homestay) and it is a very good experience to learn Japanese culture and Japanese language.

It is very comfortable to stay with my host family, they are like my family. They take good care of me as if I were their daughter. I am very thankful to them for giving me such good care.

At the school, I learn listening, speaking, reading and writing. I like conversation very much and it is very fun. A few teachers are in charge of my class and I can talk with the teachers and classmates a lot. It is very good for me to stay in Japan in this way and my Japanese has been improving very fast.

I thank ARC Academy and all the teachers very much for paying careful attention to me and helping me a lot.

Low Geok Hew (Malaysia)