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Since our company was founded in 1992, SAKURA HOUSE has offered monthly Apartments, Share Houses and Dormitories to the foreign community. Each year we are welcoming guests from over 100 different countries. We aim at creating a place where long lasting friendships & memories are born. We will keep providing an environment where all our residents, regardless of their culture and origins, can enjoy their life in Tokyo.
Sakura Hotel

Reservation for 7 nights or more will receive approximately 10% discount from original price!!
Includes breakfast!! (Normally breakfast is served with additional costs.)

  • Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
  • Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
  • Sakura Hotel Jimbocho
  • Sakura Hotel Asakusa
Room Type Rate
Dormitory 3,100 yen/person
Single 6,400 yen/person
Double 8,200 yen/room
Sakura House

Apartment/Share House/Dormitory all 2,000 yen off the first month rent!!
Deposit 20,000 yen
More than 120 properties!



Please contact ARC Academy for further details.

  • Shibuya School: 03-5804-5811
  • Shinjuku-ekimae School: 03-5348-7671