The Intensive Course is suitable for people who need Japanese language for work or daily life in Japan or for those who are simply interested in the Japanese language.

As the result of a questionnaire, 98.9% of the students answered "agree" or "generally agree" to the article ‘Overall, I am satisfied with the lessons.’ (Held in July term, 2015)


4 Skills

Students will learn 4 skills of language, speaking, listening, reading and writing. The focus is especially on speaking and listening so that students can learn natural and smooth Japanese.

Direct Method

There are certain nuances in a language that cannot be translated to other languages. We, therefore, believe that teaching Japanese in Japanese, even at a basic level, and making students be familiar with the language is the quickest way in the end to acquire the language.
There are also students from all over the world and it is difficult for the teachers to teach in each student's language.

Class Teacher

Each class has their own class teachers. Class teachers know the best way for each student to improve their Japanese and give effective advice according to students' needs.

Studying (Homework/Test)

There is homework everyday.
You will be given a test every Friday on what you have studied from Monday to Thursday.
At the end of each term, there will be a term exam on everything you have studied in that term.


Excursion: There is an excursion which you can experience Japanese culture once every term, such as tea ceremony, making Japanese sweets and so on.

Presentation: Each semester, a speech contest is held on completion of 3 months of study.


There are staff who speak English. You can come and consult with them about your study and any other problems you may have.