About the school

Where are the schools?



About the students

Where are most of the school's students from?

This differs depending on each campus, but other than countries in Asia such as South Korea, Taiwan, and China. There are also many students from Western countries at ARC Academy.

What are the age groups of the students?

Majority of the students are in their 20's to 30's, but there are also many students in their teens to older than 40 years old at our school.

How many people are there in a class?

The number of people in a class differs according to each course. Part-time courses usually have about 5-8 people and Intensive course has about 20 people.

Do you have an age limit?

We only take application from people older than 16 years old. For people younger than 16 years of age, please consider private lessons.



About the teachers

How many teachers teach in one class?

There is one teacher in charge of each class. There are also two or three teachers who are responsible of the same class.

Do all the teachers have teaching qualifications?

All of the teaching staff are professional teachers who have received training in Japanese Teaching Methodology.

Can the teachers speak English?

Yes. There are teachers who speak English and other languages.



About the lessons

What language are the lessons conducted in?

All the lessons are conducted in Japanese. In general, vehicular languages such as English will not be used. The teachers are trained well. Please do not worry.

Can I transfer to another class if I missed a class?

You cannot transfer to another class. The study material of the day you missed cannot be repeated. Please consult with the staff when you pay for the lessons in the case that you know you will be missing a class.

What kind of textbooks do you use?

We use textbooks which suit each level. We will introduce them to you at the level check time.



About the course

When can I start the course?

There are four entry period per year, which are in January, April, July and October. For students who are new to studying the Japanese language, please enroll during these times.

I want my children to study Japanese during summer holidays.

Your children can take the intensive course if they are older than 16 years old. We offer private lessons for children younger than 16 years old.

Can I also study for Japanese Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students?

We do not offer Examination Strategy lessons in this course. However, this course is very useful for taking all proficiency exams. We also offer optional lessons for students who take this course before the exams.



About the time of the classes

What time are the classes?

Morning class runs from 9:15-12:30, afternoon class runs from 13:30 to 16:45. The time will vary according to different levels and it is not possible for students to choose the time.



About the improvement standard

Please tell me a rough standard for improvement.

You can expect to gain most basic level of Japanese language skills in the first three months, equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4, basic Japanese grammars within 6-9 months, equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 3, intermediate level Japanese in 9-15 months, equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 2, and advanced level Japanese in 15-21 months, equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1.



About the application

What are the procedures I should follow before school entry?

Please submit two photographs with the application form to the school with lesson fee. Please also take level check tests on the dates written on our guidance information.

When should I apply?

Please apply one month before the beginning of the course. When the number of students in the course reaches quota limit, we will stop taking more applications. Please confirm available spots before making your application.



About the study material

Are textbooks included in lesson fees? How much are the textbooks?

Textbook fees are not included in the lesson fees. Textbooks that are used in the lessons have to be purchased separately.

Can I pay with credit card?

We accept credit card payment for online application to certain intensive courses from overseas. Outside of this, credit card payment is not accepted. Please pay with cash or via bank transfer.