Application / Inquiry

Please contact the school campus, which you want to enter, for application and inquiry.

Shibuya Main School  
Inquiry via e-mail.
Shinjuku School
Osaka School
Kyoto School
Thai Office

41#1804 Soi Lertpanya, Sri Ayuthaya Rd,
Phayathai, Rachathevee, Bangkok 10400
TEL: +66-2-642-7402
FAX: +66-2-642-7330

Spain Office

Academia Japonia
Deu i Mata 152, Entlo. 5ª, 08029
Barcelona, Spain
TEL/FAX: +34-93-444-4198


Documents submission

Documents required might be slightly different depending on the nationality. Please contact us for more details.


  1. Application form for Admission (The format is prescribed by the school)
  2. Personal Records (The format is prescribed by the school)
  3. Diploma or certificate and transcript from the highest school
    * If you still attend another school, please submit the applicant's academic transcript and student registration certificate.
  4. Certificate of applicant’s family.
    *Family registration, Birth certificate, Residence certificate, etc.
  5. Certificate of Japanese language proficiency
  6. Photocopy of your passport
  7. Photos (3cm x 4cm) 4 pieces
  8. Health Certificate including chest X-ray examination
    *To submit the Health Certificate upon entrance. (Free format)
  9. Guarantee for Bearing Study and Living Expenses (The format is prescribed by the school)
  10. Bank Account Balance Certificate
    *Bank account of the person bearing study and living expenses.
  11. Certificate of Employment
    *As issued by company where the sponsor is currently employed.
  12. Income/Tax Certificate
    *Provide past 3 years of documentation specifying the sponsor's income.
  13. The certificate of relationship between the applicant and the sponsor
    *Family registration, Birth certificate, Residence certificate, etc., issued officially.

*All certifications must be issued within 3 months before submission.

* Please refer to Application Guidebook (PDF) and School Entry Application Form (PDF) for more information.