Graduate School Preparation Class is for students who aim to enter a graduate school in Japan. Through classes such as “Writing a Research Plan Paper”, “Interview Practice”, “Method on Writing an Essay”, “Thesis Reading Comprehension”, students will learn the Japanese language skill, logical thinking skill, cultivate problem solving skill, and basic self research skill, needed in all areas of studies and the skill to pass the graduate school entrance exam.


  • Original curriculum based on the schedule of the graduate school entrance exam.
  • Step-by-step training of academic Japanese required for research at a graduate school.
  • Full support from our experienced teachers through personal counseling.
  • Studying environment where students work hard to aim for the same goal.
  • Latest information on higher education advice through our wide network of alumni.

Successful Results of 2015

Academic Achievements of April 2015: 37 students
(National/Public 5, Private 30, Graduate School Research Student 2)

Keio University Graduate School, Waseda University, Sophia University Graduate School, Rikkyo University Graduate School, Nihon University Graduate School, Hosei University Graduate School, Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School, Meiji University Graduate School, Chuo University Graduate School etc.


Main Content of Class and Schedule

Term Main Content Road to Success
(Jul - Sep)
Training Basic Japanese
& Writing Research Plan Paper
  • Specify the reason for research
  • How to gather information on research
  • How to find a suitable Graduate School
  • Basics of logical writing expression
  • Acquisition of basic treatment expression


Decide on a research theme!

Choose a Graduate School!

Visit research office!

Application, Test

Announcement of Result
Practical Training

(Oct - Dec)
Intensive Exam Preparation
  • Research plan paper completion and review
  • Oral examination, interview preparation
  • Essay preparation
  • Method on organizing and presenting a bibliography
  • Critical reading
  • Method on reading an essay
  • Conversation using treatment expression
Jan - Mar)
Last Minute Preparation
& Practical Exercise Needed After Admission
  • Last minute preparation for the test
  • Practical instruction for an approach and presentation after admission
  • Essay writing
  • Presentation

There will be outdoor classes every term. Fee is included in tuition.

Timetable Example

  13:30-14:15 14:15-15:00 15:15-16:00 16:00-16:45
Mon Pronunciation,
Information Literacy Reading Comprehension & Discussion (Current Events)
Tue Oral Expression (Speech) Reading Comprehension
Wed Essay Preparation
Thu Listening Comprehension Research Plan Practice
Fri Interview Practice Essay Reading Comprehension

Application Guidelines

School Shibuya School
Term 9 months (July 2016 to March 2017) 3 months x 3 terms
Entrance Term July
*Application from October will be acceptable only if there is a vacancy
Class Hours Monday to Friday / 9:15 – 12:30 or 13:30 – 16:45
  1. Graduated university and has a bachelor degree.
  2. Has a clear vision of their thesis at Graduate School.
  3. Students who correspond to any of the following (1) to (2)
    (1) Have JLPT N1
    (2) Have taken ARC Academy’s Japanese exam and scored a certain grade
Selective Test
  1. Japanese Paper Test (Those who have JLPT N2 are exempted from the paper test)
  2. Essay Test
  3. Interview
Enrollment Limit 20 students
Application Method Please refer to the brochure and the Entrance Procedure for Study Abroad Course
Tuition 570,000 yen
  • The above fee does not include application fee, registration fee and textbook fee. 
  • Due to the high professional and special curriculum, the tuition differs to the tuition of the Study Abroad Class.
JLPT & EJU exam preparation optional lessons are offered outside of class for those who are interested.(Additional charge)


Shibuya School ARC Academy Sales Department
2-23-10 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 112-0004
TEL: +81-(0)3-5804-5811
FAX: +81-(0)3-5804-5814