As the result of a questionnaire, 96.3% of the students answered "agree" or "generally agree" to the article ‘The lessons were satisfying overall.’ (Held in January term, 2015)

1. Cultivating communication skills

Since the opening of the school in 1986, ARC Academy has focused our Japanese language education on cultivating communication skills. We create various activities in the classrooms in order for students to be able to learn useful and functional Japanese.

2. Exellent team of teachers

We have produced excellent Japanese teachers who succeed through one of our course "Training Courses in Teaching Japanese." Graduates will be able to communicate in Japanese naturally through taking classes with our selected teachers.

3. Preparing for higher study

We offer more effective programs for students who want to go on to universities, graduate schools or vocational schools. We fully support students by holding a higher study presentation meeting, personal counseling, a preparation class for proceeding to graduate programs and lectures specialized for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students. Also, students who get high grades will be recommended to designated schools.

4. Support for job-hunting

We have government permission to refer students for employment. Japanese language teachers and students would be supported by our Employment Support Section.

5. Scholarship

We have an excellent variety of scholarships including "the Monbukagakushou Scholarship" and "Lee Soo-Hyun Scholarship."

6. Self-study room, computer room

Rooms for study and computer use are open to students. Students can use the internet and e-mail freely.

7. Multinationality

There are students from all over the world in ARC Academy. Normally, we have over 40 nationalities. We also give them interesting opportunities, such as parties with Japanese.

8. Outdoor classes, various events, cultural exchange activities

We hold off campus-classes, sports event, speech competitions, and other extracurricular activities every term. We have classes outside the classroom, such as visiting local elementary schools, middle schools and Japanese families. You will have a lot of fun with a lot of great experiences through varied extra lessons and activities.
Japanese cultural experience classes besides Japanese language classes are offered. We would like you to experience Japanese culture as much as possible while you stay in Japan. Optional Japanese cultural Programs

9. Safe dormitory life

We introduce affiliated student dorms and guest houses which are safe and reliable for students. We can also introduce homestays to students who plan to stay for a short-term period. Different cultural experiences in a Japanese home is something that you cannot gain in a classroom.

10. Friendly staff

Our friendly staff will always encourage and support your life in Japan. There are English, Korean, and Chinese speakers for when it is too difficult for you to ask for a help in Japanese. We offer periodical counselings but students can feel free to come and talk with our staff about whatever they want, whenever they want.