Special Preparation Class for Prestigious Universities will aim to enter National/Public Universities, as well as private universities such as Waseda, Keio, Sophia, GMARCH (Gakushuin, Meiji, Aoyama, Rikkyo, Chuo, Hosei) and so on. Classes focusing on “EJU Practice” “Past University Exam Practice” “Interview Test Practice” etc. will enable you to reach the Japanese level needed for University Entrance. Also, there will be classes such as “Campus Conversation” “Essay Writing” “How to Listen to a Lecture” etc. which will help you develop skills and thinking power required at university, regardless of specialty.


  • Original annual curriculum to aim for Japanese prestigious universities
  • Training the skills needed after university entrance
  • JLPT N1 level of kanji will be supported during Self Study hours
  • Individual counseling will support you to the fullest
  • studying environment where students, who aim for a high goal, can share together

Successful Results of April 2016

Waseda Univ., Sophia Univ., Meiji Univ., Aoyama Gakuin Univ., Rikkyo Univ., Chuo Univ., Hosei Univ., Meiji Gakuin Univ., Musashino Art Univ., Tama Art Univ., etc.


The Result for the 2nd EJU in 2015

Subject Japanese
National average score 231
National highest score 373
Average score in this class 307
Highest score in this class 373
national highest score


Application Guidelines


Shibuya School (located in Iidabashi)


12 months (April 2016 to March 2017) 3 months x 4 terms
Students will be replaced each term according to their grades and attendance rate.


April, July, October *Upon prior consultation for October term

Class Hours

Monday to Friday / 8:45 - 13:15


  1. Students who are eligible to enter university
  2. Students who wish to enter university in April 2017
  3. Students who corresponds to any of the following (1) to (3)
    (1) Has a score of 250 points or more in the EJU "Japanese" test
    (2) Has JLPT N2
    (3)Has taken ARC Academy's Japanese exam and scored a certain grade

Selective Test

  1. Japanese Paper Test
    Those who can submit a certificate of 250 points or more on the EJU test or have JLPT N2 are exempted from the paper test.
  2. Essay Test (approximately 400 words)
  3. Interview

Enrollment Limit

20 students


Please refer to the brochure and the Entrance Procedure for Study Abroad Course


180,000 yen (3 months/1 term)
*The above fee does not include application fee, registration fee and textbook fee.


Main Content of Class and Schedule

  Main Content Entrance Exam Schedule
April Term
(Apr. to Jun.)
  • Preparation for EJU 1st Session
  • Reach a basic Japanese level needed to enter University
  • Consider your field of interest and direction
  • Research school information and selecting theschool.
Jun. EJU 1st Session
Open Campus
July Term
(Jul. to Sep.)
  • Strengthen your Japanese to enter University
  • Essay (Basic)
  • Method on writing the Statement of Reason for  Application
Jul. JLPT 1st Test    
Result of EJU 1st Session
Sep. Result of JLPT 1st
October Term
(Oct. to Dec.)
  • Preparation for EJU 2nd Session
  • Preparation for JLPT
  • Compose a Statement of Reason for  Application and Interview Practice
Oct. Entry for Private Universities Start of Entrance Exams
Nov. EJU 2nd Session
Dec. JLPT 2nd Test
Result of EJU 2nd Session
Application for National/Public Universities
January Term
(Jan. to Mar.)
  • Wrapping up the University Entrance Preparation
  • Compose a Statement of Reason for Application and Interview Practice
  • Preparing for studies after entering University
  • Composing an essay
Feb. Result of JLPT 2nd Test
Entrance exam for National/Public Universities
Mar. Result of National/Public University Entrance
*There will be outdoor classes every term. Fee is included in tuition.


Timetable Example

    Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
0 8:45 - 9:15 Self Study: JLPT(N1) Kanji
1 9:15 - 10:45 Pronunciation, EJU Japanese, Past Exam Practice, Logical Thinking, Reading Comprehension Strategies
3 11:00 - 12:30 Reading Comprehension (Intensive Reading), Understanding Japanese Society (Japanese and the World Basics), Interview, Essay
5 12:30 - 13:15 Individual Study*
*Individual Study:
Contents will be planned according to each student’s situation and preference.

  • Preparation for Application such as exam practice, interview practice and writing the reason of application statement.
  • Exam Preparation Optional Lessons for EJU and JLPT is available to reach a higher score. *Additional fees are charged for Exam Preparation Optional Lessons.



Shibuya ARC Academy Sales Department
2-23-10 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0004
TEL: +81-(0)3-5804-5811
FAX: +81-(0)3-5804-5814
E-mail: tokyo@arc.ac.jp