(As of July, 2014)



ARC Academy Shinjuku School

Accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education

1 June, 2001
(Moved from Ikebukuro to Shinjuku in October, 2007)


Yumiko Endo

Student Quota

240 students

Number of the class

9 classes

Number of the teachers

5 Full time teachers, 9 Part-time teachers

Number of the staff

3 staff (Chinese, Korean, English and Vietnamese speakers available.)


Student Composition

Registered Students

145 students (21 countries)


China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.



Our student who is studying at Shinjuku school

Bostrom Peter (Sweden)
Has been studying Japanese at the school for about 1 year.

I came to Japan because when I was travelling around Japan for one month I thought this country was very 'fun!!'. I searched for many schools on the internet, however after looking at ARC Academy's homepage I felt that the school is very professional so I decided to come here. ARC Academy focuses on conversation lessons which is the lesson style that suits my wish. Even if I know the grammar, there would be no meaning to it if I cannot use it in real conversations. Off-campus activities are also great fun. I really look forward to going to Nikko next month.


From Shinjuku Staff

Our motto is "corresponding with great attention to details". What kinds of student's life abroad would you like to have? We want to support your student's life in Japan. Please feel free to come and talk with us!