We can formulate curriculums to meet the needs of each individual person, firm and organization. You can take a course at the time that you want.

Registration Fee

10,500 Yen

Lesson Fee

at ARC Academy
1 hour x 10 times
63,000 yen
1.5 hours x 10 times
94,500 yen
at student's office
1 hour x 10 times
68,000 yen
1.5 hours x 10 times
102,000 yen
  • Textbooks are not included in the lesson fee.
  • For off-campus lessons, teacher's transportation expenses will be charged.
  • We also offer Semi-Private Lesson, for two or more students at the same level.


  1. We would like to first meet with you and inquire about your needs and goals
  2. Please take a level check test. We will give you appropriate advices accordingly.
  3. We will choose a suitable teacher for you and arrange a demo-lesson so you can see what it is like to study with us before making an application.


  • Please make a payment before the course starts.
  • Please pay the lesson fee in cash at the reception or via money transfer to the bank accounts below:
Shibuya School
Shinjuku Ekimae School
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Shibuya Ekimae Branch (No.234)
Account number: 2287149
Account holder: ARC Academy
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Shibuya Meiji Doori Branch (No.470)
Account number: 3146336
Account holder: ARC Academy
Osaka School Mizuho Bank
Shibuya Chuo Branch (No.162)
Account number: 4957802
Account holder: ARC Academy Namba
Kyoto School*

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Kyoto Chuo Branch (No.501)
Account number: 2868044
Account holder: ARC Academy Kyoto

The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. (SWIFT:BOKFJPJZ)
Head Office (No.101)
Account number: 5140724
Account holder: ARC Academy Kyoto

*ARC Academy Kyoto School was incorporated in 2014.