• We can formulate a curriculum to meet the needs of each individual person, firm and organization.
  • You can take a course at the time of your choice.
  • Lessons can be carried-forward, so you will not waste time.
  • We can send an instructor to a school or office to teach Japanese.
  • You can start the course from any day of your choice.
  • We conduct demonstration lessons for free as needed.

Lesson Example


Pronunciation     Acquire the pronunciation that is smooth and easy to listen to.
Character   Hiragana, Kanji, etc., according to needs and level.
Topic   Expected scene/topic of work and daily life will be included during class.
  Study vocabulary and grammar, and understand the correct scene of usage.
Delivery   Practice to fluently use the vocabulary/grammar which you have understood.
Task   Acquire the practical communication skill through role-play and interview activities, by using the vocabulary and grammar which you have studied.
Summary   Confirm the level of acquisition and usage.


Lesson Fee (Tax included)

Registration Fee: 10,800 yen
at ARC Academy 1 hour x 10 times 64,800 yen
1.5 hours x 10 times 97,200 yen
2 hours x 10 times (5% off) 123,120 yen
at student's office 1 hour x 10 times 70,200 yen
1.5 hours x 10 times 105,300 yen
2 hours x 10 times (5% off) 133,380 yen
  • Textbooks are not included in the lesson fee.
    "Minna no Nihongo 1, 2" (2,700 yen each)
    "Japanese for Busy People 1" (3,132 yen)
    "Kana Master" (1,620 yen), "Kanji Master N5" (1,944 yen)
  • For the lessons outside school, teacher's transportation expenses will be charged.
  • We also offer Semi-Private Lesson, for two or more students at the same level.


  • Please make a payment before the course starts.
  • Please pay the lesson fee in cash at the reception or via money transfer to the bank accounts below:
Shinjuku School
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Shibuya Ekimae Branch (No.234)
Account number: 2287149
Account holder: ARC Academy
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Shibuya Meiji Doori Branch (No.470)
Account number: 3146336
Account holder: ARC Academy
Osaka School Mizuho Bank
Shibuya Chuo Branch (No.162)
Account number: 4957802
Account holder: ARC Academy Namba
Kyoto School The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. (SWIFT:BOKFJPJZ)
Head Office (No.101)
Account Number: 5140724
Account Holder: ARC Academy Kyoto


Inquiry by phone Inquiry by form
Shinjuku Tel. 03-5348-7671
Osaka Tel. 06-6635-1735
Kyoto Tel. 075-353-7566