About the school

Where are the schools?



About the students

Is there an age limit?

We offer the course to students of higher than elementary school students. There are no top limits.



About the teachers

Do all the teachers have teaching qualifications?

All of the teaching staff are professional teachers who have received training in Japanese Teaching Methodology.

Can the teachers speak English?

Yes. There are teachers who speak English or other languages.



About the lessons

What language are the lessons conducted in?

All the lessons are conducted in Japanese. In general, vehicular languages such as English will not be used. The teachers are trained in this so please do not worry.

Can I observe the classes?

You can take a demo-lesson . Please first make an appointment for a level check test and also let us know your needs and goals.

Can I transfer to another class if I missed a class?

In the case that you contact us by 5 pm one business day in advance (except for Sunday and holidays), you can change your lesson date. If you contact us after the designated time, the fee for the missing lesson cannot be carried over.

What kind of textbooks do you use?

We use textbooks that suit your level and needs. Textbooks will be introduced at the level check time.



About the course

When can I start studying?

We need about one week to prepare the curriculum and arrange the teachers before you can start.

I only want to study for one or two weeks.

It is possible to arrange it. We need to reserve a classroom for you, so please make an inquiry ahead of time.

Can I take the lessons at home or at the office?

Yes, it is possible. There is no problem for lessons at the office. Taking lessons at home will subject to further consultation.



About the lesson time

What time is the class?

We will arrange your lesson time according to your convenience.

Are there classes that continue from morning to evening?

It is possible to arrange it. In the case you would like to take the lessons at the school, we need to reserve the classroom so please inform us ahead of time. We offer this time option for private lessons and corporate training.

Is it possible to take the lessons early in the morning or late at night?

In general, the business hour is from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Early morning private lessons can be arranged depending on the location.

Are private lessons subjected to free reservation system?

No, day of the week and time are fixed. It is possble to change the lesson time/day if you give us a notice early in advance.



About the application

What are the procedures I should follow before school entry?

We would like to first meet with you and inquire about your needs and goals. Please take a level-check test so that we can give you appropriate advices accordingly. We will arrange your teacher and lesson plan in a week, and arrange a demo-lesson to help you see what it is like to study with us. If you like it, please make an application.

When should I apply?

You can apply at anytime. Please complete the application procedures before starting the lesson.



About study material

Are textbooks included in lesson fees? How much are the textbooks?

Textbook fees are not included in the lesson fees. Textbooks that are used in the lessons have to be purchased separately.

Can I pay with credit card?

We do not accept credit card. Please pay with cash or by bank transfer.