Graduate School Preparation Class

  1. The purpose of the class is to enter Graduate School and also to develop the Japanese Level which is necessary for Graduate School. You will learn the common way of thinking for any specialty by taking classes such as “Composing a Research Plan Paper,” “Interview Practice,” “Method on writing an essay/thesis,” etc. We aim for students to be able to gather data, analyze and research by themselves after 9 months.
  2. We will support you with choosing Graduate Schools, contacting your academic supervisor, preparing application documents , etc.
  3. Participation in JLPT and EJU Preparation Class is available without charge.
  4. It is possible to join the class from general Japanese class.

Special Preparation for Prestigious Universities

Special Preparation Class for Prestigious Universities will aim to enter National/Public Universities, as well as private Universities such as Waseda, Keio, Sophia, MARCH(Meiji, Aoyama, Rikkyo, Chuo, Hosei) Level. Classes focusing on “EJU Practice”“JLPT Practice”“Past University Exam Practice(Japanese/Essay)” “Interview Practice” etc. will enable you to reach the Japanese level needed for University Entrance. Also, there will be classes such as “Campus Conversation” “Essay Writing” “How to listen to a lecture”etc. which will help you with classes at University after your entrance. Outline

Business Japanese Class

  • Business Japanese class is for cultivating bridging human resources that connect Japan and the students’ country through business and helping the students find a job in Japan.
  • By improving your understanding of Japanese society and companies, you will acquire Japanese ability and business manner enough to conduct business smoothly.
  • In the July term, the class is designed to study practical Japanese including writing resume and interview practice which is helpful for job hunting and for an employment test.
  • Our Employment Support Section will help you find a job in Japan by giving job opportunities information and preparation training for the employment test.