When can I start studying?

For existing courses, such as intensive course, you can start immediately if your Japanese language level suits the course. For private lessons, we will need about 1 week for teachers and curriculum to be arranged before you start.

Can I study only once a week?

You can study once a week in private lessons. Intensive course is 5 times per week.

I want my children to study Japanese during summer holidays.

Your children can take the intensive course if they are older than 16 years old. We offer private lessons for children younger than 16 years old.

I want to pursue higher study after studying Japanese language.

You can pursue higher study in Japanese after completing the study-abroad course with us, if you have completed 12 years of education in your own country.

Can I take courses with my family?

This depends on the result of consultation with us. However, lessons where very young children and adults study together tend to be ineffective.

Can I take the courses at my house or company?

In the case of that you take private lessons, we can send the teachers to your office. In this case, transportation fee will be required.

Can I also study for Japanese Proficiency Test and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students?

Optional classes are offered for students who attend study abroad course.