Where is the school?

The schools are in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Osaka and Kyoto. Please choose a school to see the map in this page . Each school is located in a lively downtown area. They are very convenient to commute. You can always feel the Japanes latest trends and culture.

Can students buy student commuter pass?

You cannot buy a student commuter pass for ARC Academy's course. Please purchase a normal commuter pass.
However, students can get discounts for Toei lines and Toei buses.

Do you provide a place for self-study?

Each campus has a classroom for self-study, so please feel free to use the room. Sometimes it might be unavailable because of school schedule, so please ask our staff if it is open.

Is it smoke-free in the school buildings ?

Smoking is not allowed in the school buildings. Please smoke in the smoking areas designated.

Are there staff who can speak English, Chinese, or Korean?

There are English, Chinese, Korean speakers. They will support you in your study and life in Japan.

Are there off-campus learning activities?

For "Study-abroad Course", off-campus learning activities are conducted once every three months. For other courses, the timing and frequency will vary. Activities outside of class, such as Interaction Events with Japanese people and Sumo wrestling matches are conducted on an irregular basis.