Point 1: Perfect Transportation Convenience!

Ikebukuro is an extremely convenient stopping point for trips to suburban Tokyo as there are a great number of railroad routes going into Ikebukuro such as the JR, two private railways (Seibu Line and Tobu Line) and three Tokyo Metro Subway lines. There are three big department stores (Seibu, Tobu and PARCO) in front of Ikebukuro station. In addition, there is a large electronic shop which has a full variety of leading edge electronic products, movie theaters and specialized shops for animation. Ikebukuro is a lively town with many people shopping .Once you leave the class, you will have many opportunities to speak Japanese you have learnt.

Point 2: For living in Japan!

Ikebukuro school has a special characteristic that has many people with resident status (e.g. settlement visa, working visa, family visa, spouse visa and researcher visa etc.). 
The course is arranged to be able to manage studying Japanese with daily life in Japan (e.g. housekeeping, child care and business, etc).
We have members of staff who speak English, Chinese and Korean, and offer information and support for residents and long-term visitors, so you don’t have to worry.