ARC Academy Osaka school is 5 minute walk from the south exit of Nankai "Namba station" in the area called Minami in Osaka. "Namba Parks," which is located 1 minute away from the School to the west, is a famous spot, complete with shopping and dining places and movie theaters. If you go to the east, you will find "Den-Den Town" which is famous for being an electronics town. Why don't you study Japanese with us in this energetic town that is full of delicious cuisine such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

School Facilities

Classroom, Computer room, Higher Study Information Corner, Library Corner, Self-study Corner




Our lively and enthusiastic teachers will help your Japanese language improvement. Our staff who can speak English, Chinese, Korean and German will support your student life here. Whenever you have any problem, please come to consult with us.