Optional Lessons

The lessons at Shibuya School 2 at intermediate level or higher include optional lessons (approximately 90 minutes every week). You can take the lesson which matches your needs from various subjects. There will be exchanges of opinions between classmates and people of different views. Subjects offered will be different each quarter. Please study Japanese extensively in a wide variety of subjects.


Subject Examples
(Examples from January Quarter, 2008)
  Learning Japanese from Current Events
  Learning Japanese Conversations from Videos
  Conversations for University Life
  Listening Skills for Lectures
  Business Conversation
  Business Writing
  Learning Japanese from Songs
  Learning Japanese from Novels and Comic Books
And so on.


Students who study at Shibuya School.

Studied Japanese at this school for approximately 1 year and a half.

I decided to come to Japan to study about Japanese society and language which was my major when I was a university student in my home country. At the time, my friend introduced me to ARC Academy. After entering ARC Academy, I felt that the teachers and staff interact with the students with sincerity and earnest. That made me feel relieved, and now I have fun in my school life.


Studying Japanese at this school for approximately 1 year and a half.

I met Japanese people for the first time when I studied abroad in Canada in the past. From that point onward, I started having interests in Japanese people and culture and wanted to come to study in Japan. I found ARC Academy through the internet. The teaching here is not conventional and I like that ARC Academy helps students learn Japanese language through different kinds of activities and events. Now that I have enrolled in the school, I am very grateful for the teachers' detailed instructions to each and every student, and the staff' careful supports. There are fun events such as fieldtrips which make my school life very fulfilling.


Shibuya School 2 Teachers and Staffs

Hello Everyone!
Shibuya is a town bustling with energy. There are many people from fashionable youngsters to businessmen who work in the leading edge of the society. Studying at ARC Academy's Shibuya School 2 will definitely give a good stimulation to your Japanese improvement. We will give unfaltering supports for everyone's study and life. Please feel free to study with ease!