This school is located in Shibuya in the center of Tokyo. It is extremely convenient to come by trains, subways and buses, and is only five minutes from Shibuya Station on foot. Shibuya is well known as one of the most attractive spots in Tokyo, so students come to the school from all over the world including the US, England, Italy, Germany, France, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Poland, Colombia and Australia.


Complete Course Set-ups

Other than Intensive Japanese Course where you study everyday, there are also many other courses to respond to various students' needs such as private lessons and corporate lessons for business persons who work during the day time. We offer courses that match each person's style.


Staffs and Facility

There are staff who speak English, Korean, Chinese and Thai, so you can come and consult with them if you have any problem. Also, computers are available for students, so you can contact your family and friends at any time.


Attractive Environment

Shibuya is a fashion center that attracts a lot of attention from all over the world. After class, you can go shopping at PARCO, 109, Marui and also have fun eating out at the many restaurants and cafes in the area.