The school is located in the center of Tokyo, Shinjuku. It is 5 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station. It is very convenient for transportation. Downtown area with office town's high rise buildings, department stores and restaurants is very close by, and you can also have a full view of Tokyo from the nearby Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall's observation tower. There are restaurants of cuisines from around the world at low prices in the area near the school. It is also very convenient to shop and find part-time jobs in the area. The school is in a quiet area. it is a good environment for studying.


General Information on the School

There are approximately 200 students from about 20 countries studying here. Examples of the countries include China (mainland), South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, the US, Indonesia, Switzerland, Sweden, the Philippines, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Malaysia, Russia, Hong-Kong, Ukraine, Republic of Turkey, and Rumania. Computer room is set up so that students can use the facility freely.


Higher Study

This is the higher study preparation course. The course achieves 100% education advancement rate, and we offer additional Graduate Study Advancement class. The school also has recommendation system to designated schools. We stress on individuality and capability of the students, and aim for detailed tutoring. We give careful career guidance from the time of school entry. We give guidance in response to each individual's career path. Free Education Advancement Strategy Lessons are also offered throughout the year. Example: Strategy for Japanese University Admission Class (Japanese, Multidisciplinary Subjects, Mathematics), Strategy for English Examination Class, Strategy for Japanese Proficiency Examination Class (Level 1, 2). The school has full support system such as comprehensive Higher Study Material Corner and periodically held Higher Study Seminars.We also provide job-hunting information at the Job-Hunting Support Room.


Japanese Language

The lessons utilize teaching approach which focuses on communication skills. The teaching is conducted with the goal to cultivate academic Japanese skills. The curriculum does not only concentrate on the language skills, but also integrate "Japan's Conditions" into the lessons.Examples: Home Visits, Elementary School Visits, Court Hearing Visits. Our professional teachers carefully instruct each students with the goal for every individual's growth.


School Life

We support your student life in Japan from the time of entry to graduation. Our staff will also help you with finding accommodation and part-time jobs. The Job-Hunting Support Room also conducts part-time job referral. We also introduce students to partner dormitories.



The school conducts Off-Campus Learning activities every quarter. Examples: Fuji Mountain, Nikko Edo Village, Tokyo Disneyland, Oarai and etc. There are also many opportunities for interaction with Japanese people such as in Cultural Exchange event and Conversation classes. Shinjuku area tour at the time of school entry and consultation event with senior students are conducted so that you can live in Japan without any worries.



The school has an at-home atmosphere and our staff know every student's name and face. We take care of each individual student with great attention to details of your needs. Our friendly and kind teachers and staff are waiting for you. Come and study with us and make your dreams come true. We look forward to meeting you all.